• Posted on: 27 January 2020
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Blackburn Rovers are currently enjoying a six-game unbeaten run and one of the youngest defenders at the club Nigerian-born T0sin Adarabioyo says the training sessions of the team has been nothing short of pumped.
The 22yearold maintains that he is happy to be part of the Rovers team.

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Together with Darragh Lenihran, the young lad has been able to form one of the best defensive partnership witnessed within the squad in recent times. The gelling of their relationship has coincided with some of the best defensive displays from Rovers.
<a href="">The center back on loan spell from Manchester</a> City maintains that the cohesiveness of the whole team has played a bigger part in helping Blackburn record five wins and one draw from their last six matches.
The surprisingvictory over Sheffield Wednesday at Ewood Park last month stands out as their best outing.
As good as the news might sound, the ability of Blackburn to maintain such a run remains a pipe dream considering maintaining such a run demands one have a strong team with lots of quality backup
Should players like Tosin complete their loan terms and go back to their parent clubs, all the strides made in terms of center back partnerships becomes invalidated overnight.

As far as Rovers are concerned, they must continually adapt to whatever their disadvantageous position, in terms of finances, hands them.
<a href=" in the bottom-feeder league means very few players will entertain the prospect of putting on your shirt.</a>
Had Tosin Adarabioyo had a choice, no matter how happy he currently is at Blackburn, deciding to stay back in Manchester will be the only option he will entertain.
As a result, Rovers must continue to make do with whatever corner big teams box them into.

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