• Posted on: 20 December 2012
  • By: isport

The Blackburn Rovers manager Henning Berg has said that the team needs to improve the basics in order to find a good form in the Championship. Henning Berg was recently appointed as replacement for Steve Kean.

However, he recently oversaw the second defeat for the team at home in the space of just five days. He said that it is extremely difficult to start winning matches under a new regime because most of the time things cannot be done very quickly. Blackburn recently lost in the derby match against Bolton. Due to the fact that Bolton are struggling down near the bottom of the table, fans have been extremely infuriated by the result.

Henning Berg has said that players should compete a lot in the derby matches, while also saying that defensive solidarity is also extremely important in these kind of matches. He has said that Blackburn were extremely open and they gave their opposition a lot of space. This allowed Bolton to take advantage of the weaknesses. He has said that he is extremely disappointed at the result, but is hoping that show an improvement in the forthcoming matches. Blackburn find themselves just outside the play-off positions. He has been in charge of the club in six matches during which time they have taken just five points.

"What we were missing should not take long to improve because we are talking about basic football things. There are things to work on, but at the same time, they are not things that cannot be done quite quickly. To win football matches, and especially derbies, you have to compete. You have to earn the right to play and be defensively solid. You can't give teams as much space and time as we were giving them," said the Norwegian after the Bolton defeat.