• Posted on: 29 November 2011
  • By: isport

After staging a quite remarkable comeback in the match against Wigan, Blackburn Rovers were left to pick up themselves for yet another Premier League weekend. Blackburn Rovers came into the match against Stoke City with some kind of form, whereas their opponents had been on an extremely poor run of form in recent weeks.

However, it looked like Stoke city were recovering from their European adventures, as they dominated against Blackburn. Stoke played extremely well to bring an end to the four consecutive defeats that they have been suffering in the League.

Rovers now find themselves rock bottom of the table after Wigan Athletic managed to win against Sunderland. The eighth defeat of the season for Blackburn Rovers leaves them in a precarious position ahead of the Christmas fixtures.

It will be interesting to see if the Blackburn owners finally decided to take action on the future of Steve Kean. One of the most interesting aspects about the defeat was that Blackburn had recently awarded their manager Kean with a new contract, despite finding themselves having to contend with defeat after defeat.

Speaking after the match, Kean said "It was the miss from Mauro Formica at the start of the second half that proved to be crucial. If that had gone in it would have changed things completely. I didn't think we played too badly today - we created chances and had the shots, so we're disappointed not to have taken them."

However, regardless of how well they played, Blackburn left the match empty-handed once again. It is going to be the points that decide it at the end of the day, and with just seven points from 13 games, Blackburn seem to be suffering.