Blackburn Rovers FC v Brighton and Hove Albion

  • Posted on: 20 December 2012
  • By: isport

Blackburn Rovers plays Brighton and Hove Albion on 22 December at Blackburn and the favourites are the home team with odds of around 16/11. A Brighton and Hove Albion win is priced at around 2/1 with a draw at 23/10.

Betting on Blackburn Rovers also makes sense from a statistical viewpoint as they have a good record of home wins over Brighton. In fact out of their last fourteen competitive matches they have won 42% of matches and Brighton has won 22%, with around 36% ending in draws. In those matches Blackburn Rovers scored a total of 21 draws and Brighton and Hove Albion scored 17.

Blackburn Rovers are currently hovering around mid table in the Champions League with 29 points, though recently they have been starved of a win. In their previous five matches they have lost four and drawn one.
Brighton is currently 8th in the Champions League table, and out of its last ten games it has lost just one, won three and drawn six times.

Certainly it looks as if the smart money is on the favourites, but you might consider betting on a draw. Statistically the chances of the game resulting in a draw are 36% based on previous history, so odds of 23/10 are certainly worth considering; odds as good as the ones you normally find at an online casino like Lucky Nugget. If you can’t make your mind up about the game but are still looking to place a bet then Lucky Nugget might be a good choice with footy themed slots machines and every football fan’s favourite card game poker. You may want to consider the draw though; it is often quite surprising how such a small proportion of football betters ever bet on draws, in fact so few do that it is on drawn matches where the bookies make most of their cash.

Blackburn got a little burnt this weekend when they lost by two goals to Blackpool, but they are expected to return to their winning form once they stop wasting the kind of opportunities they had against Blackpool. Despite playing very well in the first half, they failed to convert the many chances they created, and in the second half they seemed to have lost confidence. Hopefully that won’t be an issue this time as it would be disappointing to see Blackburn staying in the Championship – let’s face it, as one of only 5 teams to have won the Premier League Blackburn really should be trying to cement their place again.