Blackburn supporters wants to meet Owners Personally

  • Posted on: 10 December 2016
  • By: content

Blackburn supporters might be going all the way to the subcontinent country India soon to get in contact with club bigwigs.

The supporters feel that all the noise that they are making so far is falling on deaf ears. So, the only way left for them now to get themselves heard is by meeting the owners in person.

The supporters are supposed to tell the owners, if they meet them, that they can’t let them keep the hold of the club anymore as they don’t think they are deserving of that.

But, because Blackburn owners are one of the very powerful businessmen in India, they can be reached only through appointments and it’s unlikely that their office would be giving any appointments to the travelling supporters and thus, the supporters might not be able to meet them at all.

The supporters themselves know that their visit might turn out to be worthless, yet they are ready to take that chance as they aren’t left with sufficient patience to endure this kind of situation at the club.

According to a supporter named Paul, if it was only about results on the pitch, the supporters would have kept patience, but, the thing is that even if the club goes on a winning run of 10 matches at the moment, the supporters’ protest will not stop because they are protesting against how the owners are working and not against how the team is playing.

Paul angrily complains that the owners don’t remain in Britain for a single minute and call all the shots from home. The members of the board who are here to see the affairs don’t have any authority and have been forbidden from taking any call without the permission from India.