Gary Bowyer disappointed after match against Millwall FC

  • Posted on: 13 December 2014
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If you have a lead of 2-0 and the opposition team is a player short, you’ve got to win the match from there; otherwise, your manager has every right to be raising questions over your commitment.

Gary Bowyer, the Blackburn Rovers boss, was absolutely fuming while addressing the media at the end of the game versus Millwall FC. He could not believe his boys had thrown away the advantage.

It was a fantastic opportunity for Blackburn to make take their consecutive victory count to 4, but, that wasn’t the case to be.

Lee Martin and Shaun Williams shook the net in the 72nd and the 88th minute respectively for the Lions to level things up at the Den and made sure the Rovers could not carry their winning momentum forward.

When asked about his thoughts in the post match press conference, Bowyer said, “They were already a man down. We should have just made them work hard for gaining possession. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t do that. We let them get the ball easily especially in the last half an hour.”

“Neither of those two goals should’ve been scored. There were defensive errors on both the occasions. We had discussed about that during the break. I wanted everyone to try and close the game, not to give them any opportunity, but, obviously, the plan wasn’t executed well and it’s devastating really to see everything falling apart in a matter of few minutes.”

“It’s about taking responsibility. The whole team knew what they had to do out there in those last few minutes.”
The Rovers have secured 26 points in the 16 games that they have played in the Championship in the ongoing season. They will now make their way to Brighton & Hove Albion for the next game this Saturday.