Hughes Believes Blackburn Can Make It To Top Tier

  • Posted on: 7 August 2014
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Mark Hughes, who played for Blackburn Rovers for a couple of years from 2000 to 2002 and managed them as well for a while, is of the opinion that the Riversiders have every chance of making it to the English top tier in the upcoming season if they don’t have as many injury issues as they had during their campaign in 2013-14.

Hughes’ team Stoke City had travelled to the Ewood Park last weekend to play a pre-season match against the home side.
Both the teams scored a goal each and the match was a draw.
It was the 6th and last pre season match for the Rovers this summer. Their performance overall in these matches have been alright. They have won two, while, played draw on four occasions.

There was significant betterment in the game of the Rovers in the Championship last season. With 18 wins and 16 draws, they had secured 70 points in 46 matches and had achieved a top 10 finish. In the season prior to that, they had finished all the way down to no. 17 in the table.

According to Hughes, the players in the Rovers camp are quite young and thus, hungry for success at the moment. If their fitness remains good, they would be having a very fruitful campaign in the second tier this time around.

Speaking to the reporters after the match between Stoke City and Blackburn, Hughes said, “They (the Rovers) are young, but, very capable. There are some really potent guys in that team. If Gary gets his combinations right and he doesn’t have too many injury worries, his team has a good chance of earning promotion.”

The last time when the Rovers had been promoted to the Premier League, Hughes was a part of their squad.