Lambert In Denial

  • Posted on: 11 April 2016
  • By: isport

Not everyone’s happy with the recent game against the Wolves - some people are even in denial over the match, according to Paul Lambert.

Lambert stated that he was one of the ones in denial over the Wolves game and it was one of the poorest games that he’d ever seen in his career.

He felt that there was some missed chances in the match and that they could have created some opportunities to come back, if only he had focused a bit more on the plays and areas that were most important in training a bit more.

Whilst Lambert was encouraged after managing to pick the winner of the Grand National, at great odds from StanJames, he suffered a miserable afternoon watching drab football.

Blackburn Rovers didn’t really get any kind of sniff of a goal in the whole match, and they were lucky not to fall behind from as soon as the 10th minute, when Grant Hanley almost stopped them racking up their 14th clean sheet of the campaign.

Lambert stated that not only was it a bad game but it was one of the dullest games he has ever witnessed. He went on to say that the goalkeeper kept them in the game with three different world class saves - from Shane Duffy and two from Gomez.

Lambert was quoted as saying that they were severely disappointed not to win the game as they had far better chances to win with their players and their form, but they could never break the 0-0 deadlock.

Lambert however tried to defend his team by saying that he was probably nitpicking a little bit and he was being a little bit harsh on the team. He still has faith in the team but he’s still in a little bit of denial over what happened and how the loss went down.