Neil McDonald believes the season is not anymore good for Team

  • Posted on: 3 April 2016
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Neil McDonald believes the season has reached such a stage where it is of no importance if his team is looking pleasant or ungainly on the pitch and the only thing which everyone including himself is concerned about is the points’ tally.

According to McDonald, if an ugly performance fetches points for the team, so be it, but, it’s only the points which matter if Blackpool has to avoid the demotion to the fourth division.

With 8 games in hand, Blackpool is only just out of the demotion area right now and they can’t consider themselves to be in a safe space by any means. One or two poor results might push them back in last 3.

According to McDonald, nobody would care about the clumsiness of the players or them not appearing to be that stylish if they are not coming empty handed off a match.
Points off each and every match are crucial. Regardless of the way they come, they just have to come.

Speaking ahead of visiting Gresty Road for the next encounter against Crewe Alexandra, McDonald said, “I wouldn’t mind us producing one of the worst games ever and still taking away points because only points can put us in a secured position and nothing else.”

“I think belief is the key here. Every player has to take it upon himself individually and try and do something extraordinary which can lift the whole side.”

“Also, we have to look to get on the scoreboard early because that’s what, I have felt, we have not done often enough in the games before. We have equalized after getting down, but, we haven’t had the lead on too many occasions.”
Blackpool’s game against Crewe Alexandra will take place on Saturday.