Owen Coyle is the man tasked to return Blackburn to the Premier League

  • Posted on: 16 July 2016
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Paul Lambert only spent around 6 months in charge of the Championship outfit Blackburn Rovers as he opted to activate a release clause after having pushed the team to 12 wins, 13 defeats and 8 draws.

Lambert kicked off his managerial career in Blackburn Rovers on November of 2015 and his spell ended on May of 2016.

Following the departure of Paul Lambert, the head chiefs of Blackburn Rovers had to find someone who can take charge of the squad and it was recently announced that the man tasked to get Blackburn Rovers back into the Premier League is Owen Coyle.

Owen Coyle is an experienced manager who has taken charge of a number of English clubs including: Burnley, Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic.

Upon being selected as the new coach of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle expressed his delight in his new job as he said: "First and foremost I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to be Blackburn manager. I look forward to working with terrific people at the club. The ultimate aim is to give a team that is representative of the fans, a team that is entertaining and hardworking and a team that can win."

The recently appointed coach already seems to have a plan as to what needs to be done in Blackburn Rovers and according to Owen Coyle, the squad needs to be reinforced and he is already monitoring a few players that he wants to sign as soon as possible.

‘’We don't have a registered striker at the club and there are other areas that I would like to improve on, so that is something I've already started on. It is important that we try and bring some good players to the club that can add to the very good players that we already have in the squad. We'll work with the funds that are made available to us and do our very best to get those players in that can excite the fans and try and put a team together’’ Owen Coyle added on.

It’s been over 3 years since Blackburn Rovers has competed in the Premier League as they have been struggling trying to snatch a promotion spot in the English Championship League but Owen Coyle is aiming to make it happen.