Rovers, on the Ground and off the Ground

  • Posted on: 9 March 2019
  • By: content

Blackburn Rovers, the team occupying the fourteenth position in the sky bet championship with a score of 43 points was supposed to be in the playoffs, but they drifted down the ranking due to 3 consecutive defeats.

The match on the 17th of February is a crucial match and so the coach, Tony Mowbray made a lot of changes to the team. Derrick Williams, Harrison Reed, Bradley Dack and Danny Graham are playing the match; the players were benched in the previous one. Mowbray thinks that Middlesbrough is very strong at defense but it might face a loss due to the absence of their defender, Daniel Ayala, who was given a red card in the previous match.

“The coach being a former player to the opposing team may be advantageous to the rovers“. They have won 15 league matches out of the 17 against Middlesbrough adding to their confidence. While the team is fighting to sustain their position in the EFL, the rovers are moving some tables off the ground as well. The rovers announced a partnership with sales geek for the growth of the sales revenue of their various commercial departments. This would lead to a long term “relationship, benefiting both sides“.

On the other hand, Craig Conway, the player ambassador for rovers went for a visit to their Charity partner, East Lancashire Hospice. He promised to spread awareness about the happy and positive environment of the Hospice in order to help them with the financial support they require. Rovers are actively expanding commercially as well as a club. Sam Barnes, who played at the club from the age of 11, has been officially signed by it as a defender at the age of 17.The rovers are conquering off the ground but they need more wins to do the same in the league.