Simon Eastwood brilliant Rescue against Middlesbrough

  • Posted on: 14 January 2015
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Simon Eastwood rescued one point for Blackburn Rovers when facing off with Middlesbrough in their latest English Championship League match but even taking into consideration all of the hugely important saves that Simon Eastwood made in the match, it was Blackburn Rovers that had more launched more shots and enjoyed having the better part of possession.

Blackburn Rovers had 61% of possession and launched 18 shots against their opponents meanwhile Middlesbrough had to settle with only 8 shots and 4 of them actually only being on target.

Gary Rowett believes that his team started off the match nervously and missed a number of golden chances on scoring. Middlesbrough is one of the top clubs in the English Championship League and Rowett is certain that this affected his players even before the match had kicked off.

"I thought we started nervously against a very good side and only after 20 minutes did we get into the game. We probably gave them too much respect at the start of the match but that was probably more out of nerves. Against top opposition I think we have learned a lot about our young group today’’ Rowett told reporters after the match reached its end.

However, even with the shaky start that the team of Gary Rowett sustained, the coach also revealed his admiration and praise for the squad as he was proud of what they displayed in the pitch even though they couldn’t claim a victory.

"They didn't hide and they could have, they've come on again today, I'm proud and pleased with their performances. The measure of the lads that we've got in the group is that they are half-disappointed that they've not won it." Rowett added on.