Blackburn Rovers have a lot of financial restrictions

  • Posted on: 1 October 2015
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Blackburn Rovers have a lot of financial restrictions imposed upon them and it is starting to hurt their promotion aspirations.

The club have only around 15 top-level players registered, while manager Gary Bowyer cannot bring in any more signings other than loan moves or free transfers. Even those transfers have to be earning less than £10,000 per week in the financial restrictions. Amidst such tight regulations, Blackburn also have to be concerned about the future of players like Jordan Rhodes. The forward is one of the saleable asset in the club. He has been linked with moves to top Championship clubs.

Bowyer says that despite the tough situation, he is prepared to wait and bring in quality name to the club. During this period, the manager is also concerned about the arrival of players who are merely there to add up the numbers. Instead, he wants to sign players want to play for the club more than anything else. Along with the likes of QPR, Blackburn face potential relegation down to League One if they do not improve the squad strength immediately. The new season begins in less than three weeks and Blackburn are certainly not in the best possible shape to take upon Wolves in the opening game.

“We must have the smallest established outfield playing squad of the 92 League clubs but we’re trying ever so hard. I’d like to assure the supporters that it’s not through a lack of trying.We’re under these restrictions and we’re getting gazumped on one or two because of the financial implications of it.It does annoy you, it does frustrate you, because a lot of work goes into it, but you’ve just got to cross them off the list and move on to the next one. We’ve got rid of players that we felt didn’t contribute to that environment,” said Bowyer.